U Turn


Raveena (Chanu Dissanayaka), an intern in a media company seeks information for a news article on the accidents occurred on Sahaspura flyover. She enlists the help of a colleague at work, a friend at DMV and a beggar who lives in the vicinity of the U-turn point of the highway. After failing to interview a man who she believes to have made a U-turn on the highway the previous day, Raveena gets arrested by the local police investigating the death of the same man she tried to interview on the same day. Confused and shocked, Raveena denies all allegations and begs the officer in charge, Ranga (Hemal Ranasinghe) to believe her.

Even after the death being considered as a suicide, Ranga notices the odd connection between Raveena’s investigation and recent deaths reported. Raveena continues her investigation on the violators of traffic laws and their apparent deaths after taking U-turns on the Sahaspura flyover ignoring the warnings of Ranga and his superiors. This thrilling drama depicts the truth and perspectives of right and wrong in shades of grey as well as the limitlessness of a parent’s love.