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‘Sirasa Movies’ was launched with the release of ‘Dancing Star’ in and became an overnight sensation and a box office hit in the year 2008. Critically acclaimed movie by Shameera Naotunna, ‘Motor Bicycle’ was released in 2016.

‘Dharmayuddhaya’, which became the #1 blockbuster hit of 2017 established ‘Sirasa Movies’ brand as a market leader in the industry. Produced by MTV, marketed & distributed by M Entertainments, the fifth official remake of the 2013 South Indian Box Office hit ‘Drishyam’; ‘Dharmayuddhaya’ became one of the most discussed and viewed Sinhala movies in the history of the film industry in Sri Lanka becoming the #1 blockbuster hit of 2017 & eventually winning the A. C. Neilsen’s People’s Choice Award for ‘Peoples Movie of the Year 2017’Sirasa Movie, ‘A Level’ dominated the year end box office in 2017 as well.

In 2018, ‘Goal’ & ‘Udumbara’ were released as Sirasa Movies & ‘Thaala’ will be released as the 1st Sirasa Movie presented to Sri Lankans in the year 2019.