The Synopsis

Like many other schools in rural Sri Lanka, Millawitiya Junior School in Karuwala Eliya only has minimum facilities. In their struggle for survival, villagers are more focused on their livelihoods than the education of their children. With dreams that do not cross the borders of the village, the children spend most of their time in the fields and the lakes surrounding the village. Their story changes with the arrival of a disheartened teacher; Samarasekara and his wife from the city. At the beginning he inevitably clashes with the youngsters as he tries to disciple a bunch of twelve-year-old’s who thrive on creating havoc. Forced to teach Literature while yearning to coach football, Samaraseka attempts to form a team to protect his legacy amidst numerous curveballs that gets thrown in his way. Things begin to change, and lives begin to brighten up as they embark on a journey together to change their fate...

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